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Hope City FM vs SUR Radio

Added by the Secretary, 19 Mar 2016

NOTE: this is an historical complaint that in no way impugns the integrity of the current station management, who run a well engineered and compliant station.

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Nature of complaint: SUR Radio recently began broadcasting on 87.8 and has impacted the broadcast of Hope City FM. Hope City FM has been using 87.8 from Pleasant Rd since the release of the new GURL. Hope City FM has recently changed address and as such in my opinion has relinquished rights to the existing frequency of 87.8.

This report will focus on whether SUR Radio should have started broadcasting on 87.8 at all and its impact on Hope City FM. Here is the original theoretical coverage of Hope City FM.

ITU-R Recommendation BS.412 states that, to provide acceptable stereophonic reception, median field strength values of 54 dB V/m, 66 dB V/m and 74 dB V/m are required (measured at 10 m above ground level) in rural, urban and dense urban areas respectively.  In practice, in the UK, services have generally been planned to provide coverage at 60 dB V/m, with areas receiving less than 54 dB V/m being considered

Working on an interference ratio of 10dB wanted to unwanted here is the net effect of SUR Radio on Hope City FM. Hope City FM’s coverage reduces to the “red” area.


SUR Radio has been reckless in their operation and should cease transmission immediately. The frequency was clearly occupied by Hope City FM when SUR commenced broadcasting.

Hope City FM’s modulation levels are sub optimal which impacts on its coverage.


Radio SUR
Frequency: 87.8 FM
Broadcast Area: Auckland, Mt Roskill
Description: Indian community Radio Station running 24X7
Address: Mt. Albert Road, Auckland
Phone: 9624931
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  1. This Radio does not look like hindi radio. Most of the talking is done in english. The anounces seems do not know any hindi. I think they speak language called hindinglish. Only the songs palyed are hindi songs. The announces should have a good command of hindi language.

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