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201204 April


Tuesday 24 Apr 2012
6 Present; Les Dixon, Ray Mankelow, Jim Sutton, Dave Dingley, Eric Allen and Patrick Casey with  Bruce of Blockhouse Bay as guest.

Apologies Gareth Parker, Peter Shaw,

Dave moved / Jim 2nd that apologies be accepted

previous minutes -Ray read Dave moved / Jim 2nd that apo

Matters Arising –
Dave admitted he had not done anything about Yahoo Groups links – and we don’t need to know why

Patrick also gave reasons as to not actioning contacting APRA.

Jim is still a little concerned about the Society website – nothing appears to have happened and is still not convinced about Owen being up to the task.

Les countered with the thought the Society needs a motion to the effect that we change web hosts (from Latinum)

Ray suggested maybe Jim phone Owen to clarify the perceived problems on the website.

Jim and Les ran through continuing email problems for EC mail from the website

Ray Moved that  The Society accept Gareth Parker’s offer to move (from Latinum), to the web site he hosts.
Seconded Eric – Moved by the meeting.

Patrick commented that although it is good to spend less time on discussing rogue stations, we can’t ignore this matter completely. Jim agreed that we wouldn’t drop the discussion completely and that we can still refer to these matters and can pass details to RSM

Following on from that discussion, Ray mentioned Bruce’s email to Gareth – the meeting agreed this is best left to between Gareth and Bruce.

Les mentioned the Howick Village Radio problems – discussions revealed that Village Radio have all the information about the problem station but didn’t want to share this info with the Society. Therefore the Society can’t assist. Dave mentioned information from the Yahoo chat group, and that it seems these parties are coming together to sort out their differences.

Les mentioned a big toxic rap station but can’t identify their location – Papatoetoe way somewhere.

Financial Report
$3,776.47opening balance
apart from 1 payment made to Latimun Technology ($17.25) for website

Current balance $3,759.52
Les moved/Ray seconded

What we’ve got in the bank –
Discussion that the Society still needs to look at a field strength meter.
Dave mentioned WinRadio as an item of software to purchase for Society
Mentioned Ray or someone contact David Vickery about Warren’s old laptop – Ray passed on Warren’s old business phone number to Dave D.

Les said Membership fees needs discussion – not much being spent at the moment. Hold the fees the way they are at the moment – the recommendation to the AGM

Bruce said not on email list (membership list)

Dave suggested that we record the generic drops next meeting and Ray asked about suitable mixers for putting microphone through.

Les and Dave suggested M-audio as a mixer and Dave mentioned other suitable devices

The meeting agreed to Dave’s suggestion we do a recording session at our next meeting (May)

and for June a discussion on software and programming systems –

Ray wondered if Doug would lend his T42 to demonstrate SPL?

Les moved meeting closed at 8:40

Post meeting discussion Bruce asked typewriter ribbons and Patrick had a contact.

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