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201207 July


Tuesday 24 July 2012.

Evening began with coffee and chockie biscuits and chatter.

7 Present; Les Dixon, Ray Mankelow, Dave Dingley, Eric Allen, Peter Shaw, Jim Sutton, Patrick Casey (along with Bruce Grenville of Blockhouse Bay as a projectionist guest.

Apologies – none received and our Chairman Gareth Parker was noted for his absence.

Correspondence: Basically information was received that one of our member stations had received a notice to bring their station into line with regulations A subsequent check showed deviation over limits and this was brought back to usual levels. ( Peaking to 10 on the meter when should have been 6 max) The transmitter is a 10w NRG with no internal adjustment available for power control. Output at the back of the TX was 11.5w checked with Trio PF810 meter. Compression and limiting was by Behringer. The Behringer may have been out of adjustment due to a power outage earlier in the month, but seemed ok on the day. Approx 65 meters of RG58 in the line to drop the power to the regulation 1 watt at the antenna (Jpole) is installed. Over power therefore is not a problem. Waiting for confirmation by RSM that the station is now within guidelines.

General technical discussion mainly between Peter (who knew the gear) and Dave and Les.

This attention from a Radio Inspector appeared to prompt a renewal of interest in the benefits of belonging to the Society and a subscription from Robert of TLC duly appeared.

Peter moved Correspondence seconded Jim previous minutes -Eric moved / Dave 2nd that they be taken as read

Matters Arising – On-going background work by Gareth on copying over files to new website from Latinum – hosted by Charles Graves.

Financial Report Les Dixon mentioned subs have been coming through – mentioned a few out of Auckland joining – some paying full Sub, so Les has been providing coverage maps to those

Opening $3,774.22

Closing $3,816.97 plus subs of 45 + 15 in cash Latinum of $17.25 for web hosting.

Les moved/Patrick seconded Financial report be received.


General Business: Jim mentioned need to get Society website being added to. Les added to that discussion that Owen needs to be supplied information before he can put it up on site. So if anyone has anything that they thought was interesting then to get it to Owen.

Agenda Les asked when will we have our AGM – discussion revolved and settled on Tues 23 October.

On membership, Les chasing people to get money through – Les is likely unavailable for the next couple of meetings/months Les reported that he had been talking to Susanna (Tongan) about setting up a LPFM Community Station in Otahuhu. Susanna found Les through our website and have had a number of discussions.

Les mentioned possibility of UP FMs 107.5 – has a carrier signal but nothing broadcast.

Discussion about Win Radio, between Les and Dave mainly about David Vickery model being supersceded. Dave waiting to hear back from the Australian supplier about costs Mtg closed 2022 hrs

Bruce Grenville (BHB Radio) ran a 16mm electrical training film from 1944 on Inductance/capacitance . Very interesting Les and Dave said they wished they had seen this film when training for their radio licences back when. Interesting to see the animations used. No computers in those days. Peter Shaw recorded the film onto his video camera off the screen. People tried to be quiet as the video camera would’ve picked up audience sounds. Thanks to Bruce. He has suggested that we have another film night and he will bring along some old Hanna Barberra films. Tweetie bird/Sylvester the cat cartoons.

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