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201203 March


Tuesday 27 Mar 2012
8 Present; Gareth Parker, Les Dixon, Ray Mankelow, Jim Sutton, Dave Dingley, Lachlan of Amp FM in Titirangi, Peter Shaw and Patrick Casey.

Apologies Eric Allen

Peter moved / Dave 2nd that apologies be received.

Previous minutes -Ray read and moved that they be accepted as a reasonable record. Jim seconded

Matters Arising –
Peter asked about the email tirades and he recalled he had seen those emails but had briefly read them and put them aside.
As a result of those emails Chris Bennett has tended his resignation from the EC and Robert has been not been at EC meetings since those emails that upset some members.

Discussion again about executive emails not going to everyone. Les didn’t think that our EC emails went through the website but Jim disputed this.

Les reported that Owen had been working on the website (not seen by Jim) and had been doing quite a lot on the website.

Also Jim questioned how the forum works – whether there was a moderator that might block discussion.
does go through a moderator and Owen could be the moderator. May need a moderator to block spam. Jim suggested that maybe the website be closed down and rebuilt. Discussion ensued and it was felt that to lock down the forum rather than close the web site would be better at this stage.

We still have issues with the website said Les, and Gareth will report on this shortly.

Gareth says website is OK at the moment, just needs a few tweaks, like captcha verification.

Disclosure note about APRA on the website, Les will talk to Owen about that. Letting potential members know that APRA may be advised of their operation. However using an opt in option for members would be acceptable.

There was comment on interfering stations.
Seems that apart from a few most had quieted down or moved to less problematic frequencies.
Just keep an eye (ear) on things.

Les introduced Jim’s suggestion on skype meetings – still looking at that. There is no internet connection available at the venue.

Nothing from Dave about Yahoo groups in the intervening month.

Dave mentioned a member of the VHF group was in discussion with Stables about amplifiers less said the better.

Les no correspondence in or out

Financial Report
$3,877.09 opening balance
5 payments made to Latinum Technology for website

3.38 interest, Bank Fee of .50c

Current balance $3,793.72

Agenda Items
Apra disclosure of financial members. If not financial. then they will not get the discount
Les – if they do opt in, they are entitled to the Society discount.
Comment made that not everyone was Copyright compliant. Dave said we (Society) not responsible for their (members) actions, but to point out that the Society encourages members to obey the copyright law.

Peter, we can state that we, as Society members are compliant with the law, but members may have option of opting in – of disclosure to APRA and get 10% discount.

Les mentioned with PPNZ website those stations that have paid are listed. If not listed on the PPNZ website therefore if they are broadcasting they are considered illegal by PPNZ.
It was considered that to put the opt-in proposal on the new membership registration forms would be helpful.

Patrick said he missed out on the discount with APRA, even though he asked for the discount. Dave and Ray thought that Robert Houisan had gained the APRA discount.

Patrick offered to approach APRA about this. To get something formal from them as we have only a verbal proposal from them as yet. Meeting has left this with Patrick to action.

Dave mentioned that perhaps this APRA disclosure / discount be brought up on the Yahoo Group. Dave offered to put the Yahoo link to Jim and EC members when posting. Hold off putting disclosure on membership forms until Patrick had secured info from APRA and Dave had feedback from Yahoo groups.

Les brought up the option of putting up an abridged version of the minutes on the web site. This was considered and thought generally a good idea. It would be looked at for future action.

Ray suggested that the minutes be distributed to EC within a week and, on Peter’s suggestion, EC rather than wait till the following month approve/correct those minutes via email, before posting on the website.

Co-opted members, Les said that with Charles and Owen not being on the EC but were working behalf of the EC, so should they be on the EC distribution list? General discussion was yes, to save all the extra steps to keep the discussion going. IE messages going via a third party and then forwarded back and forth.

Jim reiterated that we just use our email group lists rather than using the website distribution system to avoid being collected by spammers.. Agreed.
The EC group email to be updated to reflect the new executive listings. Patrick was asked to confirm his new email seems that we were using Hotmail instead of Gmail. Explains why he wasn’t getting messages. LOL

Les asked about Owen and his membership as a coopted member
Peter moved that Owen be co-opted to be the Society’s webmaster and be included in the EC distribution list. Seconded Ray. Agreed.

Take Charles off the EC list asked Les, EC agreed, as someone said (Dave was it?) that Owen talks to Charles about website matters as required anyway. Agreed

Chris Bennett  and Robert Houison both resigned from EC.

Gareth asked if there were any projects..

Jim, said Chris Bennett wrote some suggestions as follows, which the LPFM Society may consider. This got various discussions going. Copy given to Les for future options.

1.    Produce a generic LPFM sweeper for all member stations to use.
2.    Get in touch APRA to see how we can work more closely together with a view to reduce fees.
3.    In turn we could offer to promote Kiwi music via NZ on Air Funding . ie stations who play one hour or more Kiwi music get reduced APRA fees
4.    More emphasis on programming matters less on technical or fighting rogue stations as there is bugger all we can do about them!
5.    Publish on the Web Site a list of LPFMers who are willing to ‘loan’ their voices free of charge to do Station Ids / Sweepers/ etc  for members . Be good to have a variety of different voices on a station
6.    Publish list of programming ideas to members

Dave suggestion about Programming evening.  This was thought a great idea . Some members thought this would be more practical for many members than the antenna building and soldering in circuits.

Ray wondered if Doug would lend his T42 to demonstrate SPL?

Others suggested, ( Les and Jim) that they could bring along a laptop with their Automation programmes on them and show and tell how they operate. Some discussion on the programmes currently being used.

Les and Gareth were discussing practicalities of website hosting and Gareth offer to host. Les’ suggestion more thought needed, before we jump. Let’s see an alternative site set-up before we move.

No other business
Meeting closed at 9.15 pm

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