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201206 June


Tuesday 26 June 2012

6 Present; Gareth Parker, Ray Mankelow, Dave Dingley, Eric Allen, Peter Shaw, Jim Sutton along with Bruce Grenville of Blockhouse Bay as a guest. Patrick arrived part way through the meeting.

Apologies Les Dixon Eric moved / Dave 2nd that apologies be accepted.

Previous minutes -Dave moved / Eric 2nd that they be taken as read.

Matters Arising – Dave mentioned David Vickery and an email discussion on Win Radio – David Vickery’s version is an older discontinued model.

On-going background work by Gareth on copying over files to new website from Latinum – hosted by Charles Graves.

Correspondence, letter received from Google via Dave’s Spider FM about – basically trying to sell us advertising.

Dave moved that the Correspondence be received. Peter seconded.

Financial Report With Les Dixon not in attendance Dave mentioned he had been in phone contact and can report 1 payment out to Latinum of $17.25 for web hosting.

$3,776.47previous balance less 17.25 leaves $3,759.22 as the current balance.

Dave moved/Ray seconded interim Financial report be received.

Agenda Website to new server. In the process of moving data from our old website.

Discussion on how to approach Charles. Compress the whole server directory and copy across to Gareth. Gareth says his emails to Charles have been ignored in the past. Peter Shaw offered to pass phone numbers to Gareth to ring Charles.

Gareth mentioned an Indian station asking about discount membership from APRA, Patrick spoke up about APRA efforts in getting SUR to pay APRA fees. Discussion of what Bollywood music would come under APRA control. Patrick mentioned discussions with Damian of APRA. Still waiting for our Society to write our letter.

Bruce of BHB spoke about his stamp printing and a contact with a Russian astronaut and the possibility of getting his special Low Power Station stamp being filmed at the International Space Station.

Meeting closed 2020 hrs.

Discussion of programming software followed, covering Zara, Directore, Sam, SPL. Unfortunately we didn’t have any of those products in a demonstratable form to sample and play with.

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