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Use this form to request a coverage map. Please submit separate requests for each frequency / location. We prefer latitude and longitude in Degrees, Minutes, Seconds format. Unless specifically requested all maps will be published. Personal details will not be published. Private maps will only be generated for full members. These maps are indicitave of the coverage expected of a LPFM station that is set up correctly under the GURL.
ITU-R Recommendation BS.412 states that, to provide acceptable stereophonic reception, median field strength values of 54 dB uV/m, 66 dB uV/m and 74 dB uV/m are required (measured at 10 m above ground level) in rural, urban and dense urban areas respectively. In practice, in the UK, services have generally been planned to provide coverage at 60 dB uV/m, with areas receiving less than 54 dB uV/m being considered

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