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  1. Hi – I am interested in running a Low Power FM station but would like some assistance.
    I’ll be grateful if you point me in the right direction.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Patrick
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      Sertting up an LPFM station is easy as, however there are a number of traps that people fall into that will lead to breaching the GURL licence if you are not careful and also causing annoyance to other LPFMers.
      Contact me on
      And I can assist you to get the info you will need.


  2. Can you tell me when and where is the next society meeting?

  3. I have searched for years looking for some kind of LPFM group that would bind the LPFM stations together. For some reason I never ran into your site until today but glad to find it. I have WLRE radio station which an LPFM station in South Carolina and have been on the air for over ten years. I am also an electronics engineer/tech and ham radio operator as well as computer. networking, RF communications, server systems and broadcast tech as well. I have designed many antennas thru the years and learned to do audio production on WLRE among other things. I had thought about starting an LPFM site many times but kept putting it off, it is nice to find yours. Chuck Smith

    • Greetings and thank you Chuck for dropping by. Great to hear from another broadcaster overseas. We share many of your interests. As a broadcaster we are always interested in antennas. We just always want to squeeze a bit more out of them. Perhaps you could share a few tips.

  4. Star Com Media is seeking LPAM and LPFM stations worldwide to become affiliate and sister stations on our network. We are in the process of producing two programs that will debut in March, namely “What’s on Your Mind” and “Music World”.
    If you know of stations that would like to become part of our growing network, please let us know. All we ask is that these stations send us their logo, station letters and location. When the stations air the program we ask that they do so in their entirety. More information is available by contacting us directly at
    Thank you for your time

  5. Hi – I am interested in running a Low Power FM station but would like some assistance.
    I’ll be grateful if you point me in the right direction.
    Thank you.
    Zibai Louis

  6. Hello. I’m interested in joining this society and am planning to put up a community radio station in Massey, West Auckland. Any information and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards.

    • Hello Watta,
      I’ve replied to your enquiry by email, and we await your response.

  7. Hi guys, we are wanting to start a small lpfm station in hamilton but we are really struggling to work out which frequency we can use. The regulations and stuff are a bit daunting, is anyone able to help us?

    • Hello Martin, I’ve emailed you as follows:
      If you’re still serious about starting an LPFM station in Hamilton, reply to this email.
      We will need to put you in touch with someone in that city though, because the Society is based in Auckland and the LPFM scene changes so much that we don’t keep up with the state of play in other cities.

  8. Hi there

    can you recommend anyone who can assist in setting up an LPFM station in Christchurch?


  9. I am part of a team establishing a community radio station at Whangaparaoa. We plan to build a soundproof booth which will be located within a larger room with a carpet floor. The size is approximately 2.4 m wide x 2.4 m long x 2.4 m high with a soundproof door. We are looking to source materials as economically as possible with a view to building the booth in components of 1.2 m wide x 2.4 m high and bolted together as soon as possible. Any suggestions on sourcing materials etc would be most welcome.

    • Wayne, it was good to see you at our meeting last Tuesday evening – I thought it was a very interesting and informative one. I have since emailed you about your membership, so we’re in touch now, and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting, if you can make it.
      BRgds, Peter

  10. See above Perhaps I can help, as I’m now in Christchurch, Peter. Chris Diack 03 354 0000

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