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201205 May


Tuesday 22 May 2012
4 Present; Les Dixon, Ray Mankelow, Dave Dingley, Eric Allen and with Bruce Fowlie of Tairua as guest. Later Bruce Grenville of Blockhouse Bay

Apologies Peter Shaw, Jim Sutton

Eric moved / Dave 2nd that apologies be accepted

previous minutes -Dave moved / Eric 2nd that they be taken as read

Matters Arising –
Dave admitted he had not done anything about Yahoo Groups links – but suggested we put a link on the LPFM website

Bruce Fowlie asked about APRA. still in discussion. Les related how feedback is happening but, more is needed. Les saying the matter is in a state of flux. We should canvas our membership for opinion. Dave D pointed out that it is two years since the APRA and PPNZ presentation evening and the question was raised about a discount for members of the LPFM Society.

Ray reported that he took the opportunity to speak to David Vickery about Warren’s Win Radio. David said he had used Win Radio but didn’t express an interest in passing up on Win Radio. Seed planted so maybe a follow up by Dave D, to which Dave said he would make a call to David. Les suggested Dave also check out prices to buy our own.

No correspondance

Financial Report
1 payment out to Latimun 17.25 to come out of.
$3,776.47current balance
apart from 1 payment made to Latimun Technology ($17.25) for website

Current balance $3,776.47
Les moved/Ray seconded

Further discussion was held on the future of our website

Website needs to be a bit more than proactive – members bios suggested Les.

Membership fees, – same as last year says Les, will send out invoices to all on the email list he has.

Bruce Fowlie asked about the circular antenna mentioned when he was last at a meeting. Les and Dave covered the various aspects and problems. ‘lopsided signal’
Bruce mentioned his 6 metre high antenna to get into Pauanui from Tairu.
Coromandel got donated 800 records, some rare ones – most in excellent condition.
Discussion continued on about Sound Archives in Christchurch.

Bruce of BHB suggested for smaller meetings we put our chairs into semi circle but Dave said it was easy just to leave the seating as found.
Bruce of BHB also suggested a movie on Radio Technican Training Bruce to bring this 16mm movie and projector to the following (July) monthly meeting after June’s discussion on programming software options.

Meeting closed 8:20

Following on Dave’s suggestion from last meeting that we we do a recording session he then set up his gear, including two netbook computers, (one with Audacity recording software) his microphone stand and mixer. Eric, before he left recorded a brief ID for Reef Radio and Ray recorded the generic drop for LPFM member stations, as proposed by Chris Bennett. Ray also set up his IBM T42 laptop with external sound card.

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