mega888 apk Running an illegal antenna? – LPFM Society of New Zealand
Nov 232010

Under the GURL antenna must be omnidirectional and vertical, unlike this one!


  3 Responses to “Running an illegal antenna?”

  1. This is a dual band dipole antenna

  2. The General User Licence for LPFM does not state anywhere that the antenna should be omni-directional.
    You can use a 10 elements Yagi if you want.
    As long as it is vertical polarized, and… as long as:

    The maximum radiated power shall not exceed 0 dBW (1 W) e.i.r.p.

    Which means, you would feed about 100 mWatt into such an antenna to get the 1 Watt e.i.r.p. (in one direction)

    And while the example of a 10 elementrs yagi may be over the top, I can easily see situations where stations are close together, where 3 or 4 elements yagi’s can be used to beam the tranmission into the required area of Station A, while reducing the signal into an area of another station B, to reduce interference!


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