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Retired Signwriter, Display Artist, TV studio/field cameraman/ TV Set Builder/Floor Manager and General TV studio whatever needs doing to stay on air. Hobby LPFMer.

May 192012

“As a benefit to financial members we are trying to negotiate a discount on copyright fees with APRA. To get this discount a member will have to opt in to allow their membership to be disclosed to APRA.

Please indicate by answering [YES] if you would be agreeable.
Or [NO] if you do not agree.

Note that only those who say [YES] could have
their details passed to APRA, and be eligible for the discount”

More to come on this.

17 Sep 2015: The Society has decided that it doesn’t want to be a de facto policeman for APRA, and this proposal has been quietly dropped, for the time being.


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Stay within the law

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May 292011

There are many lpfm transmitters advertised on places like trade me with outputs of up to 15 and 20 watts. Unless the output strength is adjustable enabling you to reduce your output from the antenna to 1watt e.r.i.p. stay clear. The lpfm bands in NZ are guard bands that is why they are positioned at the bottom and top ends of the fm band. The top set of frequencies especially are a buffer between high power broadcasters and the aviation band.

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